Precum AWAY to HOMOPATIK @ about blank

from 15. Juni 2015
Precum AWAY to HOMOPATIK @ about blank


Joe Claussell [Sacred Rhythm Music]
Discrete Circuit [AWAY Music / Delsin / Mistress)
Christian Vance [Haul Music / AWAY Music]


INVITATION TO OPENNESS – Music for the unconventional music loving soul. An OPEN MIND is necessary to connect with the eclectic rhythms and the melody of the day.
In synchronicity with the present, Joe Clausell will be reacquainting himself with the vibrations of his dance music roots, specifically from his time at the legendary Dance Tracks Record Store that was formerly located in the heart of NYC’s East Village in the 80’s and 90’s. The vinyl record haunt was a meeting ground for many of the world’s most impactful underground dj’s, producers, and also just pure Music Lovers.

„At this time, I was not interested in being a dj. What I loved was sharing music and sounds with those who were seeking it. Actually, some of the best times I ever had playing music was in the Dance Tracks Record Store. This is where I felt the most Free….“

On the Evening’s Menu
Roots of Deep House, the NYC Underground and Beyond…